We put real intelligence in every car. Because in our mind, autonomous driving is not only for selected few, but everyone.


We are a team of veteran technologists with proven track records in Silicon, hardware system design, real-time mission critical software, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

We’re optimistic for a future where Autonomous Driving becomes commodity, not just for selected few. We believe in diversity in innovation hence committed to make a difference, deliver cutting edge technology in affordable way, foster collaboration where others chose to do behind close doors. We see a world intelligent vehicle an integrated part of our daily lives instead of only in the showroom; we see a world where new products and services being produced much faster, cheaper, and safer because we bring down the monopoly in the market; we see a world where technology really accounts for human life quality, not just the ones who own it but also the ones who are impacted by it.

We know there are innovators who can build this future and we understand their ambition, and their challenges. So we built a totally new system which allows them to go for it. We constantly push boundaries so others can do the same.
Like many of our customers and partners, we think big. Not only can we think big, we can actually make it happen.



We are committed with a future where Autonomous Driving is no longer a technology buzz word but transformation where it changes our daily lives for the better. 
We firmly believe that only by working with Tier 2, Tier 1 and OEMs together, can we really deliver such transformation, on Heterogeneous computing platforms, to liberate the genuine innovation.

We are doing this by democratising the way Autonomous Driving is envisaged and demonstrated today. 

Our solution is uniquely designed with concrete use cases in mind, providing mission critical safety oriented system design in production quality hardware and software.

The best technology should be shared and challenged by many , rather by privileged few. Our endeavour to contribute and direct open collaboration is our proud strength.

Among many others, our offerings cover not only technical feasibility demonstration but lifetime support of production solution; our solution enables easy integration with different vehicle; our system lives upon the idea that connected vehicle is not only fancy feature in the brochure but living necessity going forward.

Our mission, quite simply, is to develop such future where our companionship with the vehicle becomes part of us.

--- The Autocore People


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